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For freshmen

Greeting of the Rector, Prof. Dr. András Lánczi

Dear Students,

I would like to congratulate you on your successful entrance to the Corvinus University of Budapest, one of Hungary’s best institutions of higher education. I dearly hope that the university will serve as a second home to you, and you will benefit the most from the opportunities the university offers. 
We aimed to facilitate the entrance procedure and to simplify it in some ways, so, on this page, we pooled all information you will need in the one and a half months before academic take-off.

On golyak.uni-corvinus.hu webpage you will find:

  • information about dormitory application (application advertisement, list of documents to be submitted),
  • the Academic Information Page,
  • information about how to use the IT system of the university,
  • instruction manual for using the university account and the financial module of students’ IT system Neptun
  • office hours and contacts of university branches to which you may want to submit applications,
  • hyperlinks to faculty webpages.

I do hope the information we provide will be useful in answering questions which might arise in the period of registration and the beginning of your university studies. 
May I wish you a successful period here at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. András Lánczi

Dormitory information

Dear Students,


As you probably know you have the opportunity to live in a dormitory for the duration of  your academic studies here. 

If you would like to apply for a dormitory room please visit this site: http://ekb.uni-corvinus.hu/index.php?id=57862, and apply online. 

The application deadline is 13th August 2019 12.00 pm.

Academic Information Page

Click here for the Academic Information Page to pop up.

NEPTUN account users’ manual for CUB students

For information about how to use the account and how to pay fees click here.

Information about how to use the IT system of the university

Dear First Year Students, 

After 28 July 2017, your data will be registered into the central academic system of Corvinus University of Budapest. The central system, called NEPTUN, will generate a six-character user ID (NEPTUN ID) and a transitional password valid in NEPTUN which you will need to change when you log in for the first time. You will receive your NEPTUN ID and your password in a letter sent by your Faculty in late July.

Inability to use administration and information systems may result in various difficulties throughout your studies (inability to register for courses or examinations on time). Please read the following vital message for deep understanding. 

For using further information systems of Corvinus University of Budapest (computer rooms, university emails, portals, e-learning systems, etc.) you will need a central user ID (CUSMAN ID) and a password. 

Students’ NEPTUN ID and CUSMAN ID are practically THE SAME (unlike the CUSMAN ID, NEPTUN ID is made up of capital letters). Your password used in IT systems (CUSMAN) may differ from the one confirmed in NEPTUN, however, it may also be the same. 

Confirmation of CUSMAN password: 

In order to avoid illicit hacking, confirmation of a new password is allowed ONLY ONCE. Please remember your confirmed password. Click on the hyperlink below, and after typing in your NEPTUN ID and date of birth for identification, use your central IT system password: 

CUSMAN system, confirm initial password

The Central Library

Dear first-year Students,

The Library is looking forward to meeting you in the Fall – here you will find the required reading materials together with a place to meet friends and study together.

Here are some library basics for your first semester.

Academic year opening ceremony

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